Class PlaycountsItem

  extended byde.axelwernicke.mypod.ipod.PlaycountsItem

public class PlaycountsItem
extends java.lang.Object

An Playcounts Database object is related to an playcounts file on an Apple iPod. All information are stored in a binary file, and is contained in tags. The set of tags contains Structure of play count files: Offset Meaning 0x00-03 "mhdp": header identifier 0x04-07 0x60: length of header 0x08-0b 0x10 or 0x0c: size of one entry in bytes (one entry is one song, 0x10 is for 2.0 firmware, 0x0c is for 1.3 firmware) 0x0c-0f number of entries (songs on iPod) 0x10-5f 0x00: dummy space Structure of each entry Entries start at 0x60 (or whatever is written in offxet 0x04 above) and are of length 0x10 (2.0 firmware) or 0x0c (1.3 firmware) Offset Meaning 0x00-0x03 number of times song has been played 0x04-0x07 mac-timestamp (number of seconds since GMT 0:00 1-Jan-1904) subtract 2,082,844,800 seconds to obtain Unix timestamp (number of seconds since GMT 0:00 1-Jan-1970) 0x08-0x0b 0x00 ??? 0x0c-0x0f star rating * 0x14 (only available with 2.0 firmware)

Axel Wernicke
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Constructor Summary
PlaycountsItem( bis, int recordSize)
          Creates a new instance of PlaycountsItem
Method Summary
 long getLastPlayed()
          Getter for property lastPlayed.
 int getPlaycount()
          Getter for property playcount.
 void setLastPlayed(long lastPlayed)
          Setter for property lastPlayed.
 void setPlaycount(int playcount)
          Setter for property playcount.
 java.lang.String toString()
          Gets a string representation for the entry
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Constructor Detail


public PlaycountsItem( bis,
                      int recordSize)
Creates a new instance of PlaycountsItem

Method Detail


public java.lang.String toString()
Gets a string representation for the entry

formatted string containing the members of the entry


public int getPlaycount()
Getter for property playcount.

Value of property playcount.


public void setPlaycount(int playcount)
Setter for property playcount.

playcount - New value of property playcount.


public long getLastPlayed()
Getter for property lastPlayed.

Value of property lastPlayed.


public void setLastPlayed(long lastPlayed)
Setter for property lastPlayed.

lastPlayed - New value of property lastPlayed.