Package de.axelwernicke.mypod.actions

Class Summary
AboutAction About Action class
Action to show an about dialog.
AddClipsToPlaylistAction Add Clips To Playlist Action
ClipPropertiesAction Clips Property Action class.
DeleteClipsAction Delete Clips Action class.
ExitAction ExitAction class
ExportPlaylistAction Export Playlist Action class
HelpAction Help Action class
PlayClipsAddAction Play Clips Add Action class
PlayClipsAppendAction Play Playlist Add Action class
PlayPlaylistAddAction Play Playlist Add Action class
PlayPlaylistAppendAction Play Playlist Add Action class
RelocateMissingClipsAction Relocate Missing Clips Action class
RemoveClipsMyPodAction Delete Clips Action class.
RemoveClipsPlaylistAction Remove Clips Action class.
RemoveMissingClipsAction Remove Missing Clips Action class
RenamePlaylistAction Rename Playlist Action class
ReorganizeClipsAction Reorganize Clips Action class
Action to change directory structure and filenames according to some meta data of the files.
ScanAction Scan Action class.
SetIPodNameAction SetIPodNameAction class
SetIPodSyncAction Export Playlist Action class
SynchronizeIPodAction Synchronize iPod Action class

This action should be executed synchroneously.
WipeIPodAction Wipe iPod Action class