1. File Menu

This chapter describes the action located at myPods “File Menu”.

1.1. Scan Disc for Media

This action lets you select some files and/or directories to be scanned for mp3 files. The directories are examined recursively.

If some mp3 files are found, they are added to myPods clips library. If the file is known already, it is rescanned to update the myPods clip information.

While the scanning is in running, a dialog will be shown to give you some feedback about the progress.

Icon for this action:

Shortcut for this action: none

1.2. Preferences

Using this action you can customize myPod to your needs.

Icon for this action:

Shortcut for this action: F9

All the parameters are explained below.

Figure 3.1. myPod Preferences - Gerneral

myPod Preferences - Gerneral

Select a Look & Feel for myPod

Enables the automatic optimization of the column width in the clips table

Enables hiding of empty columns in the clips table.

Figure 3.2. myPod Preferences - iPod

myPod Preferences - iPod

Select the path where myPod can find your iPod to synchronize playlists

Figure 3.3. myPod preferences - External player

myPod preferences - External player

To play clips from inside myPod you need an external application. If running on the Windows platform this us usually WinAmp or something similar

Some players need an additional parameter to clear the current playlist when adding new clips. If so, you should enter it here

Some player need an additional parameter not to clear the current playlist when adding new clips. If so, enter the parameter here


Parameter for “Add” action

Parameter for “Append” action

WinAmp 3.0



WinAmp 2.92






Windows Media Player



1.3. Exit

Well, this exits myPod :). All data is saved and the application is closed.

Icon for this action: none

Shortcut for this action: Alt F4