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What is myPod

The first idea of myPod raised when I got my first iPod in spring 2002. I was looking for a program to put my favorite songs to this nice piece of hardware. After I had a look on ephpod I decided that there was room for another tool :) ( Anyway ephpod is pretty good - feel free to have a look at it ). myPod is designed to manage your mp3 clips, create playlists and synchronize them with an iPod.

myPod Screenshot myPod is implemented in Java, so its platform independent and should run at most platforms where you can get your iPod mounted. Furthermore its an open source project which means nothing more or less as that you are strongly invited to use it for free and help to develop it by sending your comments, bug reports or feature requests.

Feature list:

Where can I get myPod ?

Since myPod is an open source project hosted at sourceforge, you can download it here.

Where can I get help ?

If you need help with myPod, have at first a look at the F.A.Q. and the user manual. If that doesn't answer your question, you can post to the myPod project forum, or send an email to the myPod developer team [which are at present me, myself and I]. Developers might additionally have a look to the technical javadoc.

myPod F.A.Q.

Please note, that you can find a more recent faq in the user manual.

How can I support the myPod project ?

There are lots of possibilities to support the myPod project. Here is a list of some of them...


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